The lobby of the brand-new Oceania Business Plaza in Panamá will undeniably meet the standards of the rest of the building: its dark shades and combined contrasts suit this structure altogether. Located in the leading-edge area of the city, the skyscraper will welcome its guests with the light of Tubes.

The masterminds of the lobby's project

The Italian contribution to Oceania is not only represented by the lamp, but by one of the architects who have designed the lobby, as well. The two Gs of the dos G arquitectos architecture office, indeed, stand for Ginnette Gotti Carvajal and Ivan Grippaldi, collaborating since 2010 in the fields of architecture, interior design and industrial design. Ivan Grippaldi, Italian, worked from 2009 to 2010 at Panama's Consorcio General; Ginnette Gotti Carvajal, on the other hand, studied in Panamá and Spain and worked at BT arquitectos, in Panamá, till 2011.

Valentino's and Roberto Cavalli's stores at Tocumen International Airport are among dos G's works in Panama's capital city. As well as in these productions, dos G's peculiar blend of different cultures and educational backgrounds can be noticed in their ultimate project, too, which is aimed, as they themselves put it, at creating contrasts.

A lobby with a modern design... and an eye to the past

Creating contrasts, though, does not mean not being able to build up some kind of harmony: and this is exactly the goal the two architects have reached. The lobby matches the elegance and refinement of the "most modern and ambitious project for a business centre in Panamá". Characterised by an up-to-date design, the lobby's dark-coloured translucent and varnished surfaces further enhance lighting and reflections.

As reminders of light reflections on the sea overlooked by the two towers of the building, the glazed panels of the lifts and the varnished ones of the walls opposite to them work as mirrors reflecting the light of the chandeliers in the hall.

A modern lamp for a vintage effect

These chandeliers are Tubes, no less, the murano glass lamp designed by Studio Lissoni and Matthias Hickl for Vistosi in 2005. Together with the hall's "carpet", they revisit the key elements of classical lobbies in a modern way.

The colour chosen for these tubular lamps is smoky, thus matching the shades of the rest of the room, as well as the white, black and grey of the mosaic which reminds of a carpet's pattern. The refined taste of the whole building therefore comes true in this lobby.


Images © Luis Eduardo Guillen




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