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After four years and more than 445 million dollars for its renovation works, the fabulous Peninsula Hotel in Paris opened on August 1st, for its well-off guests who, in their rooms, will find Vistosi's lampshades, specially designed for this project (and which are therefore not included in our catalogue). This is definitely not a hotel for everyone - a double superior costs around 630 dollars a night... in peak season, because then prices increase -, but it has an appearance - and a story - worth taking a look at.

The story of the Peninsula Hotel in Paris

Paris's new luxury hotel has 200 rooms and 600 staff, but developed from a historical building, at number 19, Avenue Kléber. Built in 1864 by the Russian nobleman Basilewski, it was sold in 1868 to the exiled queen of Spain, Isabella II, who lived here till her death in 1904. The hotel tycoon Leonard Tauber then bought it and turned it into the luxurious Hotel Majestic, inaugurated in 1908.

In the following years, the Majestic hosted both famous people - such as George Gershwin, who composed An American in Paris here -, and the wounded soldiers of the First World War, as well as the French Ministry of Defence (1936) and the German high command on French soil during the Second World War.

After the War, it was the seat of various government assemblies. The French government itself, though, decided to sell it to the Qatari Diar company in 2008, which restored it and transformed it into this brand-new hotel.

The interiors and table lamps of the hotel

Specifically designed to attract rich Asian guests, the Peninsula Hotel of Paris is the first structure the Hong Kong and Shangai Hotels has opened in Europe. But, whereas the façade of this art-deco building of the 19th century wasn't touched, its interiors now show a restaurant inspired by Chinese operas, sculptures by contemporary Eastern artists from the Sabrina Fung Fine Art gallery of Hong Kong, as well as three newly dug basement floors.

All of its original carvings on wood, mosaics and gold leaf decorations have been renovated and the high ceilings, marble floors and elaborate moldings have been kept. Each room is provided with big lampshades supplied by Vistosi's: three different kinds of lampshades, 585 in all, and 310 wall lamps. These lamps are well fitted to the elegance of the grey and cream space, where the charm of both Eastern and Parisian traditions blend.

Photos: © Peninsula Hotels
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