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In its stores in Milan and Beijing, Marella displays Giogali, thus foregrounding a distinctive trait of this modern art glass chandelier and the Italian fashion brand: elegance. A delicate one, for sure, but modern and feminine, as well.

Marella style in the Milan and Beijing stores

The basic idea was recreating the cosiness of a house. That's why the shops' walls have been covered with wallpaper which, with its various shades, gives the impression of going from one room to another within a house. But the prevailing shade is the feminine colour par excellence: pink.

This said, though, the idea of house is rather outdone by something else: the projected movies and the LED lights on the walls - a 33-square-feet one and a 10-square-feet one - turn these walls into paintings. And both shops have thus developed from showcases for elegance to concept stores.

The architectural project by CLS Architects and the illumination engineering by Metis Lighting therefore aim at an experience in which customers can discover the clothes of the flagship store on Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan and of the new shop in Beijing. To celebrate the 30th birthday of Max Mara's brand.

The new guise of the flagship store in Milan was inaugurated both by a private party and by a new dress. And the actress Milla Jovovich attended the former and collaborated in the creation of the latter. A model who's become a stylist for this fashion label, then.

Dynamism and refinement: from fashion to glass chandelier pendants

The ideals Marella is grounded on are being up to date, dynamism and refinement: a list of features it shares with Giogali. Max Mara's fashion brand - which was born in 1984 in Milan - and Angelo Mangiarotti's decorative lighting system - dating back to 1967 - prove that design and fashion can endure through time.

The blend of Venetian glass's fineness with the idea of a bespoke and customized chandelier, thanks to its glass links, indeed, makes Giogali suitable for a fashion boutique keeping up both with fashion and life styles.

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