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Founded in 1860 and based in Monza, Frette is a world leader in the production of luxury linen. Thanks to its know-how and to a network of 100 stores in every corner of the world, it stands for excellence in bed linens, decorative and furnishing items, bath sponges and table linens.

Frette and Vistosi make daily life elegant and full of fashion

The Archibrando studio, under the leadership of the architect Paolo Brando, has been working on the layout of all Frette stores around the world for years, and it’s to this expert’s keenness and taste that we owe the choice of one of Vistosi’s products as the leitmotif in the furniture of Frette’s stores: our Giogali.

From London to Taipei, from Casablanca to Moscow and beyond, when visiting Frette’s stores you will have a chance to admire one of our best-selling lamps, too: Giogali, whose strongest point is the adaptability to the spaces it is destined to.

A touch of luxury and preciousness that, thanks to Frette’s layouts, in an extremely clear and effective way will show you the many virtues of our lamp, one of the most beloved ones.

Giogali could be the perfect solution for your interiors, both custom and private, as Frette’s layouts can prove.

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