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A casino, a hotel, a congress and exhibition centre, a mall, a museum of science and arts, two theatres, a variety of restaurants, bars and discos: that’s what we mean by saying Singapore Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

When Bulgari’s exclusive request arrived, Vistosi was ready to answer it and to work together with the Studio Scalvi in Rome, that designed the store’s layout. Our Studio Tecnico then did the hard yards to create a Wave model made up of 3000 pieces of glass.

Vistosi’s technical expertise in the MBS Bulgari store

The hardships we faced while setting this chandelier up were various and all of them successfully got through the quality and production tests we can provide our customers with, independently of their renown. The first hurdle we had to go over was making the glass pieces the chandelier is made of by hand: its large size – each element is 50cm wide – and the pleats providing the winding effect made its realization seriously demanding.

The canopy supporting the whole structure was conceived as a vanishing one, in order not to block the view, but rather to make the most of the glass creation. This implied a careful research and planning stage, aimed at producing a safe support for the chandelier and, at the same time, remain hidden by the glass pieces that, once fixed, had to give the illusion of being self-suspended.

Finally, the choice of using LED modules in line with our newest energy-saving standards.

Big glass projects for big luxury names

Bulgari chose and customised our installation – which is though not part of our production, but rather stands for one of the countless original solutions we can offer our partners. Now big luxury brands, when opening new stores in important areas, have to cope with requests for striking effects, custom and unique layout which can catch the eye. That’s why Vistosi’s project in Singapore counts as one of our meaningful collaborations with the Bulgari brand, as well as others, where the uniqueness and refinement of Vistosi’s materials, together with our staff’s expertise, are a warranty one can always count on.

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