Rhea Lodi

How can a dress shop be illuminated? Michela Zucchelli's MZ ADI Studio has found a functional answer to this question for the Rhea store in Lodi. Here, white joins other colours in order to turn objects into the central characters of this space. And Vistosi's Lacrima, thanks to its elegance, serves the same purpose.

An original, functional and harmonious interior design: the core of MZ ADI Studio

Michela Zucchelli, who has found this solution, got her degree in interior design at the Academy of Applied Arts in Milan. Since 2004 she has her own interior- and furniture-design studio, but has previously collaborated with various offices, among which one in Beijing. The key points of her works are mainly three: originality; functionality and usability of the designed areas; fineness. These points correspond to the guidelines she follows, as well, while assessing and examining her projects.

The same is true of Rhea, a shop for dresses and accessories where the widespread white helps in reaching the aims of functionality and usability. White, anyway, is not the only colour of the store, since its dominance is lessened by some light paths created on the ceilings. The both hot and cold colours of these "molecules", so to say, actually enhance the garments themselves, which therefore end up again as the real protagonists of the store. They are then further highlightened by another lighting element: Vistosi's Lacrima pendant.

Lacrima: the ideal Murano glass chandelier for high spaces

Lacrima's length is the reason why this chandelier is so functional in a place such as this store. Since it stretches from the ceiling almost to the floor, it can flow down next to the garments and accentuate their main features.

Paolo Crepax has, indeed, designed this lamp while keeping extremely high spaces in mind, whose height can be partly reduced by Lacrima.

But in the Rhea store Lacrima earns a new meaning: decorative lighting becomes functional. Since it hangs next to the most important garments and is mirrored by the white floor, this lamp is a relevant part of the furniture. In accordance, then, with MZ ADI Studio's guidelines.

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Rhea Lodi-1 | Lacrima | Vetreria Vistosi
Rhea Lodi-2 | Lacrima | Vetreria Vistosi
Rhea Lodi-3 | Lacrima | Vetreria Vistosi