A new setting awaits the Giogali lamp, which has again been given preference due to its versatility. The shapeshifting ability of this lighting system is, indeed, almost unlimited, in this case in terms of size, taking advantage of the Murano glass links structure in their new location, i.e. the Manhattan borough in New York, in a new steakhouse.

Coloured Murano-glass matching the interiors

Steakhouses can indeed turn out to be elegant places, as is true of NYY Steak, which will be located between Manhattan's 5th and 6th Avenues. NYY stands for New York Yankees, one of the Major League Baseball most famous teams in the world: its CEO, Lonn Trost, defined this location as an ideal one, being "easily accessible for business people, tourists and of course all sports fans".

The first of the three floors of the building will be illuminated by this impressive chandelier, product of the collaboration between Sosh Architects and Feng Shui Lighting. Bar customers will thus be surrounded by its 2.5-meters-high light. Giogali's 8500 glass links in gold, silver and bronze: these colours help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The glass links can, indeed, be given various colours, besides crystal, white and black. The colours the designers have chosen for Manhattan's chandelier, for example, match those of the materials employed for the interiors of the building.

A Murano-glass chandelier in New York's Midtown

Finding a decorative lighting element suiting a 9-meters long surface is not an easy thing, but Giogali has nevertheless proved to be up to the challenge. Its Venetian glass chains and the LEDs concealed in the metal body are going to illuminate this typically American space, thus providing further evidence for Giogali's both practical and cultural adaptability.

Photos: © Sosh Architects
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