Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

    The Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto is located in one of the most distinctive towers of the city's skyline. Even the most demanding visitor will be satisfied by its central position and high level services. Above the Hotel you will find the private residence of a couple which is fond of travelling and the hobby of collecting things. It is an apartment with an open distribution and wide views on the city and the Ontario Lake.

    The main designer of the apartment is Neil Jonsohn, Creative Principal at Union 31. His basic approach was the idea of giving each space of the house an access to the astonishing views offered by the location of the apartment. This way he could work on a series of open and bright spaces.

    How to bring into harmony a space full of different elements

    A priori, the combination of heterogeneous elements such as Persian carpets, marble surfaces, modern furniture, painting and sculptures of different styles, together with the introduction of some shades of colour with a strong visual impact (red, acid green), are risky choices. However, all these things and many others find their own discreet place in this residence, providing the space with a sensation of a non clashing variety. The result is not a sober space but not a baroque one either; its owners surely find it entertaining and warm.

    Part of the secret of this balance is due to the distribution of the spaces, but also to the choice of certain furniture elements characterized by neutral lines and light finishes, and to the proper transition of the dominating colours from one space to the other. Besides all these elements, there seems to be a relevant aspect, which is the balance between the maximum amount of 'determining objects' (paintings, sculptures, lamps), which are never more than three inside the same visual area, and the rest of the elements chosen to provide the space with variety, but which do not interfere with that balance.

    Art glass chandeliers used to define a space

    Actually, among these reference elements there is a certain inclination towards elements of decorative lighting. The ceiling lamps, mainly made of Murano glass, have all a distinctive design which is framed by a perforation operated on the ceiling. This way their own personality is enhanced, something that is fundamental for the definition of the space they are inserted in.

    A modern Italian glass chandelier for dining and living room

    The use of the Giogali design is especially representative, with its handmade glass links in crystal colour, which can be found in two different spaces: dining and living room. In the first one it is a three level cascade which goes down from the ceiling and which presents itself as a discreet protagonist both of the day and the night. In the second room its dimension is smaller and it fuses with the white colour of the ceiling and the walls, completing but not interfering with the balance created between the painting and the sculpture placed in front of the chimney.


    Images courtesy of Brandon Barré Photography

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