If first impressions count, these will leave you speechless. Because EPR Architects and Tara Bernerd & Partners know very well how to take your breath away. And if the entrance to Thompson's Belgraves Hotel in London is sensational, well, you can only imagine the rest.

American unconventionality meets the elegant British design

Belgravia is London's poshest neighbourhood. And one of the wealthiest areas in the world. The choice made by Thompson's hotel chain is therefore not a fluky one: just a few steps from Hyde Park and London's thrilling heart, and surrounded by renowned restaurants and shops.

Though this is the first European boutique hotel of Thea Thompson's group, it seems to feel in complete harmony with European culture and to "blend traditional British hospitality with an American bohemian attitude". To such an extent that the (British) teams of Tara Bernerd & Partners' interior designers and EPR Architects have hung a Murano-glass (Italian, in short) chandelier in the entrance hall: Giogali.

Keep your hopes alive, you who enter here: lighting with style

The entrance hall is therefore an amazing one and suggests a grand place to the guests, since Giogali hangs just on the threshold. Belgraves's luxury is not gaudy, anyway: Thompson's hotels aim, indeed, at creating an ambience which can make even frequent travellers feel at home. The standard homes are, of course, those of London's glitterati.

That's why the first floor is the reign of exposed bricks, leather, dark wood, velvet... and books. The ones you can find in the lounge bar's couth library, located in the lobby designed by Tara Bernerd as a relaxing and comforting area, with soft lights and snug armchairs.

The much-sought-after English designer has thus fulfilled her dream of designing the interiors of the very same Belgravian hotel that she saw every day from her office window at Phillippe Starck's design agency Yoo.

The result is a boutique hotel where atmosphere and aesthetics merge, and where the lighting of the entrance hall plays a central role. Since Tara Bernerd's goal is to bring personality and emotion to a place, the decorative lighting element hits the target: to amaze guests.


Belgraves Hotel Thompson

Tara Bernerd & Partners

EPR Architects

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