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    The Ambassador Couture suite, designed by HBA London for the St. Regis Rome Hotel, is one of the recent examples of 'couture' interior design. Decorative lighting contributes in a definitive way.

    Placed in front of the Piazza della Repubblica, the St. Regis Rome Hotel is characterized by luxury interiors wrapped in a classical architecture, following the style of the rest of the St. Regis world chain.

    HBA London has a broad experience in high level interior design. Their general approach could be distinguished by some kind of actualized classicism in which certain flashy elements are incorporated trying to set up hierarchy for an balanced whole, without loosing a clear link with each project concept.

    Projecting Ambassador Couture suite, on the second floor of the hotel, HBA tries to set a link between the room and some city invariants, related to its culture like cinema or literature, and also to the own hotel style.

    Over a neutral tone (grey and white) backdrop, that gets warm due to the herringbone pattern wood floor, a similar tone well selected furniture has been placed. Over the walls hangs a black and white portraits collection, including some representing celebrities hosted in the hotel in the past.

    The impact of accuracy on the choice of lighting elements

    The elements with more visual impact are three, always combined with the three available beds: a red smoke picture sequence arranged over the headboard of bed; three chaise longe in flashy but coordinated colours (blue, violet and mustard) in front of the beds; and three Vistosi Diadema hanging lamps, a Romani Saccani Architetti Associati design selected for the 2006 ADI Design Index made with fine Murano transparent and topaz glass rods.

    This decorative lighting model selection is particularly appropriate. Its own colour and the tone of the light that sends out associate with the wooden floor warmly balancing colder tones of the rest of the decoration. Also links with metal parts on the rest of the furniture, which are golden with a subtle patina.

    Travellers that decide to enjoy this couture suite could find a luxury but no strident space, in which every detail has been treated with attention. It is a good example of hospitality, in which elements density works in balance thanks to hierarchy and design control.


    Images © Eric Laignel

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