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Wonders of the East

The first "Vistosi meets design" in Japan

When decorative lighting can adapt itself, in a unique way, to different spaces and needs, it has already reached its major goal. But when it can bend itself to the conditions peculiar to other cultures and countries, as well, it takes a further step towards the ideal lighting. Such a level has been reached by Giogali, the decorative lighting system by the architect and designer Angelo Mangiarotti: his lamp has indeed landed in Japan, where Angelo Mangiarotti's name is not utterly unknown.

Here, Giogali and Giogali 3D have been reshaped by three first-ranking designers of Japan's design world: Motomi Kawakami, who established his own Design Office, after attending a professional practice at Mangiarotti's Architect office in Milan; Atsushi Kitagawara, Professor at Tokyo's University of the Arts since 2005, he established his architect office in 1982; Kazuko Akamatsu, co-foundress, together with Kazuhiro Kojima, of Tokyo's C+A Office. heir personal view of Giogali are the highlight of the first "Vistosi meet Design" event in Japan in collaboration with Luminabella. 

500 years of glass manufacturing experience meets Japanese design

Vistosi is introducing its brand and Venetian glass, as well, from the 24th to the 26th of October, in Tokyo's temple of design, the Axis Symposya in Roppongi, while aiming at the creation of new collaborations with Japanese architects and firms. But this will also be the format of future cooperation's with architects and designers from all over the world, who will be asked to readapt Venetian glass according to their own ideas.

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