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What awaits you in London

What awaits you in London

What awaits you in London

From September 18th to 21st, Vistosi takes part in the Lightjunction trade fair, in order to let more than twenty thousand visitors from all over the world know its products. We're about to give you a sneak peek at our stand, at whom designed it and at the models we've decided to exhibit.

Vistosi at DesignJunction 2014

During the London Design Festival, Lightjunction is the fair that gathers the world's most exclusive decorative lighting brands, thus offering them the chance for individual meetings with interior designers and field experts. This is, besides, the aim of the new lightdating platform, which is going to be launched during the fair and works towards the creation of new contacts between professionals in the lighting branch.

World's decorative lighting is therefore meeting in the Sorting Office's basement, where, for the first time, Vistosi is going to have its own stand, as well. Have you ever wondered how a trade fair stand is born?

Vistosi's one at the London Design Festival is, first of all, based on the need to show our most successful lamps and the modular ones. That is, Giogali, Poc, Peggy Futura, Balance, Spirit, Diadema, Magie, Implode, Bianca, Tubes and Sogno.

We've entrusted the architects Pio and Tito Toso with this task. Quite soon, though, they've found themselves facing a major problem...

Designing a stand: from problems to solutions

The first draft by the two designers was made up of a series of hanging cubes, where ceiling and wall lamps had to be fixed to and pendants be suspended from, thus creating a dynamic and abstract effect. The only trouble? According to the fair's technical rules, we couldn't have been allowed to use the ropes necessary to hang up the lamps.

We've therefore started working on it again, and the second project has turned out to be even better than the first one: we've prepared a self-supporting and self-reinforced structure, which can support all the stand's lamps.

As a result, therefore, this work is both entirely stable and, at the same time, light and dynamic. The structure then sums up all of Vetreria Vistosi's main features: as strong as the brand, and showing the same elegance, splendour - which never lapses into showiness, though -, flexibility and quality as the glass and design of our lamps.

Other photos

Stand Lightjunction 2014-1 | Vetreria Vistosi
Stand Lightjunction 2014-2 | Vetreria Vistosi
Stand Lightjunction 2014-3 | Vetreria Vistosi
Stand Lightjunction 2014-4 | Vetreria Vistosi













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