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Viktoria Bankov Apartment in Pirita, Tallinn, Estonia

Viktoria Bankov Apartment in Pirita, Tallinn, Estonia

Viktoria seems very young, how long has your studio been active?

I have been doing interior design for more than 10 years. On the second year of study in university I began working as a production designer in order to gain experience and learn how to communicate with customers. Designed kitchen furniture and bathroom furniture. This experience gave me an understanding how do the design processes look inside.

Where does your particular interest in interior design come from?

The interest comes from my childhood, although at that time I didn’t think about it in this context. When I was 10 years old, I played dolls and made furniture for them from paper, cut out mats and blankets from my mother’s clothes.

What is your approach to interior design?

I believe that beauty is in simplicity. All the most luxurious and complex objects cannot live together in one interior, some should set off others.

What are your strengths?

In whatever style the interior is, it should be comfortable to live in. Therefore, I always think very carefully about the layout and storage locations.

Which artist do you feel closer to what you are currently trying to express?

That’s not easy to respond… something I like from one artist, something – from another one… but there is no anyone yet, whom I`d say I feel very closer. I`m on my way.

Which perspectives are you interested in the design field?

I want to try myself in subjects design. That probably will be a piece of furniture, textiles or a lamp.

How do you see the future of your profession?
This is a complicate question indeed. Due to the availability of information, everything develops very quickly, including design. Where this abundance of information will lead – no one knows. There is an opinion that the profession of interior designer will not exist in the future. The average consumer will try to make his own interior according to the pictures from Pinterest and Instagram. But it could be absolutely different – professional interior designers become even more required, than now.

Let’s talk about your project in Estonia, what is it?

This is a private 4-rooms apartment on the Baltic Sea with a wonderful view.

I would like to know how the building envelope is and therefore understand how the interiors relate to the style of the building that contains them

I`ve got an inspiration from the architecture of the building itself and from the proximity of the sea indeed. The building is designed with a very soft and smooth figuration. The style is close to Karim Rashid`s works, what is not typical for Estonian architecture.

You have chosen to make the glass appear in this project. What attracts you with this material?

Due to the fact the apartment is located near the sea, I had an intention to use the theme of water and combine the exterior and interior. I like to use glass in the interior. It gives a feeling of lightness and airiness. Does not carry any large semantic load (any hard meaning).

The view of that beautiful apartment brought you back to Venice, the birthplace of the Vistosi brand?

This is really an amazing coincidence. Venice is a very romantic and maritime city, the same as the interior of this apartment.

Why did you choose Vistosi?

Vistosi Diadema is a very light and airy ceiling with flowing elements. It fits perfectly into our marine interior with smooth shapes, so the choice was precisely Vistosi. I had no doubts.

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