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Tribute to Moscow

Tribute to Moscow

At Euroluce 2017, we will present three collections designed by Andrea Boschetti_Metrogramma design firm as “tributes to the city of Moscow”.

Scusev lamp

With the Scusev collection, a common lamp turns into a prestigious collection. The original lamp, which the collection takes inspiration from, is just a luminescent bulb widely used to illuminate many areas of the Moscow underground, including the never ending escalators and also many interiors of the train carriages.

The collection presents a lamp with the purpose of lighting, but at the same time a stylish and versatile object, which suits both classical and contemporary spaces in a kind and never intrusive way.

Mendeleev lamp

The Mendeleev collection is obviously inspired by the great scientist and his crucial research related to the classification of the elements. The collection takes inspiration from the lamp designed in 1988 by the designers N. Alexandrovna and N. K. Samoilova, who created an extraordinary repetitive composition of neon bars in the station of the Moscow underground dedicated to the St. Petersburg scientist (Mendeleevskaya). Mendeleev, becomes a luxurious shimmering chandelier suitable for special and prestigious places.

Pushkin lamp

The Pushkin collection takes inspiration from the romantic atmosphere of the early Nineteenth century, namely the years when the playwright wrote extraordinary pages of literature. His stories and poems take almost always place in urban areas, which are lit up by the gentle lights of the prismatic street lamps dotting Moscow snowy streets. The Puskin collection is inspired by those same discrete, never intrusive, shedding their elegant and romantic lights on spaces and places.


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