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Trepai: glass and wood for an extremely versatile design

A sensitive perception of the changes that affect the daily life, rigour and passion for investigation: these are the values at the core of the Favaretto&Partners studio: Paolo and Francesco Favaretto, father and son, have always been basing their activity on creativity, mixing it with handicraft and applying it to a large scale industrial production. This match between the past and the future gave birth to one of their last creations, the "Trepai" lamp, which also starts the collaboration with Vistosi.

Venetian elegance and modern versatility

Considering its success, it can be defined as a small work of art, characterized by a multifaceted style, which makes it perfect both for a classic and a modern context, thanks to the use of versatile materials among which there is, obviously, the Venetian glass. The use of wood is not less important. In this case we have walnut wood which, substituting the past hegemony of steel and plastic, has strongly come back to be used in the lighting field.

This combination contributes to the creation of an extremely elegant product, suitable for the most different interior design projects, thanks to its rigorous lines and to the colour of the material, which easily matches a classic furniture or a more actual and minimal space. Its name, "Trepai", apart from stating the Venetian origins of this decorating piece, reminds of a Japanese sound, and Japan is country where furniture is designed according to the simplicity and rigour of its ancient traditions. Another intriguing and yet functional characteristic of this object is the possibility of rotating its wooden legs which support the shield, which flatten over themselves, with the result of a smaller structure which is easier and cheaper to transport.

In their fortieth year of activity and on the occasion of their first collaboration with Vistosi, Favaretto&Partners shows us a hint of their successful history and mutual achieving, under the aegis of Venice and its tradition.

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