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Extreme Makeover Home Edition Italy 2014

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Italy 2014

There’s no place like home

The furniture and services of the houses of Extreme Makeover Home Edition are provided by the sponsors, one of which was Vistosi, that furnished the lamps you can see inside the finished houses as, for example, the one belonging to the Magrini family.

Giogali, Sissi, Diamante, Lucciola, Trepai, Alega, Enne Luci and Globa therefore became a part of this project, as a reminder of the fact that design and quality are not an end in itself, but rather at the service of people.

The story of Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Born in the United States in 2003, as a co-production of Endemol and ABC, Extreme Makeover Home Edition reached 210 episodes in its homeland. In Italy, on the other hand, it first appeared in 2013, with two test episodes. Their success resulted in a second season, which has just ended, whose episodes were four.

From June 2nd to 23rd, a 90-minutes-long show described the efforts of the team headed by Alessia Marcuzzi to give a new home to a family in need, whose old house was tumbledown or not meeting the needs of a family that couldn't afford a new one.

The architect Luca Bortolotto, the interior designer Gianni Trisciuzzi, the garden designer Luca Pirani and the planning supervisor Lilly De Leo therefore drove from town to town to give a new house to the Tognon, Magrini, Maini and Polcaro families. Each house was completed within seven days, thanks to the help of local building companies, volunteers, friends and relatives in making the designers' plan come true.

Vistosi as one of the sponsors of the 2014 edition

The house these families are given isn't, as in the American edition, rebuilt after the old one has been pulled down. On the contrary, either the old house is ameliorated, or another one is built anew, not only bigger than the previous one, but cosier, safer and with the latest furniture, services and supplies.

So there is a TV-a programme that proves that "television" means caring for people, too, because it focuses on families in need and on their houses. And in the goals of Extreme Makeover Home Edition Vistosi has believed, too, which first collaborated with Endemol - the format's owner - some years ago.

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