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Special Event L+B 2020

Special Event L+B 2020

Special Event 9 March 2020 - Light+Building - Hall 1.1 - Stand D30

Vistosi will be the protagonist on the stage of LIGHT+BUILDING 2020, by reconfirming its role as an important reference in the decorative lighting sector and focusing not only on trends in taste and research into materials, but also on the market demands in terms of energy saving, tunable

white and smart control.

Vistosi will occupy an even larger exhibition space than in the previous edition. The project was entrusted to the Architects Pio and Tito Toso, who studied a new concept that will contain iconic collections, several novelties presented at Euroluce and much more.

Almost 200 square meters to be discovered, which were designed to be an emotional experience that immerses the visitor in a fluid and flexible space, where attention is focused on the values of the Vistosi brand: the fascination of the material, an alchemical process hovering between craftsmanship and technology, where the ability of skillful hands and the know-how of centuries of glass processing play masters.

Inside wireframe structures, reminiscent of bookshelves in a domestic environment, the products are displayed in a clean and essential way, as if they were framed in a slide.

The experience is completed by a relaxation area, which was designed as a belvedere from which to observe, in the round, the beauty of the projects on display. Here you can find the modern and elegant seats and countertops of Lapalma, a Paduan company that, like Vistosi, reflects the perfect union between craftsmanship and industry, and whose production is based in the territory of the property.

In Frankfurt Vistosi will present the new edition of its General Catalogue. The company updates its image, since it is aware that being a trend-setter requires continuous evolution, while maintaining the distinctive qualities that constitute the value and identity of the brand. The contents take up some of the most important collections and the various new collections, and present them with new exclusive finishes, in order to offer its customers the possibility to satisfy increasingly specific needs.

Vistosi is proud to announce that Archiproducts has chosen the company as exclusive partner to present its new startup Brand Ambassador at European level. This project is already achieving good results in Italy in its first year of activity.

The affiliation program for Architects and Interior Designers simplifies the process of research and procurement of products, offering a limited number of professionals the opportunity to access features, benefits and services of experts in the field. Becoming an Ambassador allows you to browse Archiproducts and see exclusive prices, choose products, create custom quotes and share them with your client. All in one online workspace.

On March 9th from 6pm on the Vistosi stand will be the setting for an evening event featuring Archiproducts and several industry professionals.

Waiting for you!