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Sissi: a symphony of light

Sissi: a symphony of light

To make an inspiration come true and turn a passion into an everyday object, one needs skill and fantasy. As far as Sissi is concerned, the former belongs to glassmakers, the latter to its designer, Barbara Maggiolo.

The process behind a blown glass chandelier

Sissi owes its shape to Barbara Maggiolo's fondness for music. And in order for a musical instrument to develop into a lamp, the glassmakers' knowledge has to come into play: by blowing and revolving glass in its "rotating" mould, they manage to give shape to a lamp which reminds of a trumpet.

This is far from simple, given that the lamp is 90 cm long and very thin, and thus must be handled carefully. The process by which the bell is created is complex, too: since the master has to blow and rotate glass at the same time, glass risks ending up stuck to the mould, its torsion stops and it ultimately breaks.

We were therefore all highly pleased when, after three unsuccessful attempts, Sissi's mould was finally perfected: we could start producing it, at last!

By taking a look inside the bell, which hosts the light source, one can notice another peculiarity of this pendant: it is made up of no less than five layers of glass, all of which have the same smooth and reduced thickness. There's no other way to give Sissi its colour.

A classic glass manufacturing technique for a contemporary glass chandelier

This choice is therefore bound to a need for a better quality of both glass and lighting. Which isn't, though, only a direct lighting, with a single spot light inside the bell, but rather a diffused one, as well: light passes through the pendant chandelier's main body, too.

And now this family of Murano glass chandeliers gets a new "sister": the rigadin crystal pendant. The rigadin glass is characterised by parallel lines obtained through a particular manufacturing technique. The molten glass is picked up with a blowpipe and rotated on a mould, called bronzin, which marks some lines on the glass.

And by creating a new version of this glass chandelier, the symphony of light gets new shades.

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