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Silver reflections

Silver reflections: The ceiling as the main character of the space

The financial Group J&T has remodelled its headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 2010. The project was entrusted to Mimolimit, a recognised Czech architecture and design studio. The decorative treatment of light is one of the essential concepts in this offices building with glass facades and wide views to green areas.

Jean Nouvel and Olaffur Eliasson

The most identifiable characteristic of the project lays in the use of specular elements on the ceilings of the main part of the spaces of the building, as finishing or lamp. It brings back an idea which is a constant feature in the works of the French architect Jean Nouvel: the ceiling as the main character of the space, by means of reflecting materials or images. From this ceiling prominence, the project by Mimolimit seems to try to bind itself in a more straight way with the mirror ceiling installations by artist Olaffur Eliasson.

The result is a sophisticated, shiny and liquid space, with dissolved limits due to reflections and the light diffusion they bring. They are spaces with a certain baroque attractive, as a result of specular superimpositions of the pendant elements, and also by its formal projection in the pavement.

Together with the interest of generating some kind of aesthetic impact, worth Nouvel and Eliasson works present a close identification between the resort and the proper functional situation. However, the sensation this project brings is that fascination for a decorative image has prevailed over some functional aspects intrinsically attached to the designed spaces, meeting and working ones, thus losing some of the clarity and power of the whole project in general and of singular decorative lighting in particular.


Project's website: mimolimit

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J&T Bratislava-1 | Vetreria Vistosi
J&T Bratislava-2 | Vetreria Vistosi


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