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New RIFLESSO table
RIFLESSO: new table versions. Discover the collection!

The LED light passes through a glass bubble to refract on a mirror in a game of continuous rebounds. Glass is not only a diffuser, but also an almost invisible intermediary between the light source and the reflecting element.

In view of the success and its awards we decided to implement the collection with two new table versions. The three pendants shapes are now available in table versions.

NEW RIFLESSO LT 1 is available in amber and crystal colours.

NEW RIFLESSO LT 2 is available in smoky and crystal colours.

RIFLESSO LT 3 is available in light amethyst and crystal colours.

All the versions are available in two metal finishes: matt gold and matt copper.
LED source.

Find out the collection!

Chiaramonte Marin Design Studio

The passion for objects meant as industrial products is the glue of the professional partnership between Alfredo Chiaramonte and Marco Marin, promoting partners of the homonymous Designstudio. The different activities experienced through the years (interiors, graphics, industrial and lighting design) brought to a mixed knowledge, contaminated by ideas developed in many fields.
Alfredo Chiaramonte was born in Bologna in 1961 and studied at the Faculty of Architecture of Venice.
Marco Marin was born in Venice in 1964 and graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts specializing in industrial design.
They worked together with well known companies such as Andromeda International, Axo Light, Artificia, Bonaldo, Calligaris, Cattelan Italia, Emu group, Eurobags, Estasis, Fornasarig, Gruppo editoriale Gemina, Hoffman Italia, Miniforms, Moulinex, NasonMoretti, Renault Italia, Sica, Vistosi.


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