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Meet Peggy at the Fuorisalone 2014

Meet Peggy at the Fuorisalone 2014

Meet Peggy at the Fuorisalone 2014

At Brera, artistic and cultural melting pot of Milan, Vistosi presents the new collection of pendant lamps designed by the Hangar Design Group in a special edition dedicated to Peggy Guggemheinm. The collection will be exhibited from the 8th to the 12th of April at the Fuorisalone event "Hangout. Unconventional Collection" at Via Brera, 2.

Modern art in an 18th-century palace

To linger in Europe just to buy some paintings, even after the outbreak of the Second World War, you must really love art. And be somewhat reckless. Peggy Guggenheim did have these features, as well as such a strong bond with Venice that, in 1949, she purchased the Venier dei Leoni Palace, set up her collection there and opened it to the public in 1951. A new museum was thus inaugurated, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, made up of cubist, surrealist and abstract sculptures and paintings.

The Palace itself sets off from the magnificent buildings on the Grand Canal, due to its long and short façade. Its architect, Lorenzo Boschetti, left it unfinished in 1748. Past and present therefore get together in Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, as well as in the lamp projected for its Museum Café by Hangar Design Group and Vistosi.

A tribute lamp for Peggy Guggenheim

Since its very birth, in 1981, Hangar Design Group has proved its interest for visual arts: its founders, Alberto Bovo and Sandro Manente, have always aimed at combining them with the precision of architecture, which they both studied. This is the reason why Hangar has become a member of Intrapresae, the network of Italian enterprises supporting the Venice Guggenheim Collection.

In order to pay a tribute to the American mecenate, HDG and Vistosi have created a special edition of a collection of lamps with a modern look. As, after all, the name itself reveals: Futura. It's a capsule collection, i.e. a lamp collection made up of few elements which can be interchanged, which will be presented at the Fuorisalone 2014 fair. The pendant, indeed, consists in 1 to 5 lighting fixtures with 3 different arrangements.

Its main feature is the contrast between black and white: white is the colour of the polished blown glass; black is the colour of the lead-like metal, which is too polished. The effect is an elegant and modern one, but it also has the benefit of casting an intense and diffused light flow. A maximum lighting degree is reached with the edition for Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, because its structure is almost 2 metres long, having 9 lighting fixtures. And what other name could be given to the merger of design, modern art and Venetian glass, but Peggy?


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