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Islands on a white sea

Islands on a white sea

Islands on a white sea

The Eneco Group is the first energy company in the world to be declared a Climate Saver by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Eneco´s headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2012, show its vinculation with sustainable and clean energies. It is a 14-floor building, with triangular rounded corners shape, in which the support sustainable energy systems are incorporated naturally in its architecture. Its highlight components are the vegetal facade that goes around the outside and the inside skin, and the big atrium that floods with light the inside of the building.

The interior design is a collaboration between Hofman Dujardin Architects and Fokkema&Partners architecture and design offices. Both teams works are characterized by employing simple, direct and effective concepts, very distant to the interest in shocking, complex and artificial images.

Lights and colours meeting every need

Their work in this building it is characterized by taking advantage of the possibilities that the architectural structure brings. Starts establishing a neutral continuous white backdrop, providing the maximum amount of luminosity. Then, over this backdrop, the different working, reunion or relaxing areas are situated in an open and fluid way.

The limits of these activity areas are defined in a subtle way, by their own characterization using comfortable design furniture in vivid colours. Decorative lightning is integrated in a discreet and elegant way, adapted to every specific situation.

The coloured island-like image that results provides the possibility of choosing the individual working space, and the quality of the furniture elements gives the impression that workers status and comfort have been taken into account.

This way, thanks to the proper measure in the incorporation of decorative elements, the whole is balanced, being space and objects reinforced mutually. A fine example of hospitality: illuminated, attractive, welcoming and active.

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