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Giogali: From the lamp as an object to a decorative lighting system

The contemporary design world of the 20th century has been characterised, among other aspects, by the introduction of criteria of mere functionality, related to comfort or flexibility, and of others related to the poetics of usage or the material utilised. The result has been a great number of objects which can be considered as "classics", based on their timeless usage and fascination.

Such a modern philosophy has also allowed to recognise the value of the system over the object. In other words, the interest in the object per se is maintained, but the design that allows it to adapt to different spaces and people is recognized as superior.

The world of decorative lighting has evolved in a similar way. The traditional design of lamps as objects has been refined and enriched, allowing the lines to become cleaner and purer. At the same time there has been an attempt to develop the concept of series: a form which is linked to the light source and that can be adapted to different fixing solutions.

Light as a series or a system

Nevertheless, a series is not a system, since it doesn't allow a single piece to be moved from one place to another without altering the entire structure. A system, on the other hand, allows the result to be modified by the user with no difficulty.

Angelo Mangiarotti (1921-2012), Italian architect and designer, is one of the few professionals who has contributed to this concept in a significant way. His Giogali design for Vistosi is a true decorative lighting system. It is based on a Murano glass link that can be chained vertically, according to the original 1967 design, or both vertically and horizontally in the new 3D version of 2005. This way it gives the opportunity to create lamps with countless shapes: starting from straight or bending surfaces, or from flat or three dimensional surfaces; small or giant (until 5.000 hooks); with crystal, white, black, gold or bronze finishes; for all kinds of positions, from the ceiling to the walls, for tables or standing; also reaching the ideal concept of a lamp able to brighten and create space, even when presented independently of a light source.

Angelo Mangiarotti, with this design, offers the opportunity to enjoy an object which not only is perfectly designed and realised at the highest level, but which also can adapt to different needs: as an bedside lamp, as a home medium-size lamp or as a big lighting solution for public spaces.

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