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Euroluce 2013

The presence of Vistosi within Euroluce 2013 has given the company the chance to reaffirm the key points of its business strategy: the investment on innovating technologies, with the creation of a new 'virtuous' glass blend, the stress on modern design with the cooperation with young design studios, sometimes not yet famous, and the opening to the eastern markets, where there is a great interest towards the glass. 

All these factors contribute to achievement of the traditional aim of the brand, that is, to create and to sell lighting items which not only have an attractive design but which are also versatile and accessible. An original creation often ends up being suitable only for specific and elite contexts. The Vistosi's blown glass creations, on the contrary, despite being handcrafted products, in most cases are perfect for any type of situation: from an elegant setting to a minimalist house or for the needs of the contractors' market. 

The best option on the decorative lighting market 

The research on new technologies carried out by the Vistosi labs allowed the development of a new type of crystal which, despite being lead free, maintains the endurance characteristics of that substance, at the same time guaranteeing malleability and transparency. 

As far as design is concerned, the many collaborations with designers of all kinds, with different styles and experiences, allowed the creation of highly customizable collections in terms of shape and dimensions such as the Giogali, Diadema and Ecos collections, together with others characterized by a wide variety of prototypes such as Poc, Assiba and Implode. 

Therefore, the Vistosi products are best option offered by the decorative lighting market, as for quality blown glass is concerned; they are affordable and have a great degree of versatility. This is not only the result of the deep-rooted tradition of blown glass manufacturers, it is, especially in the most recent years, the result of a 100% Italian creation, of a young management and of the investment on the most advanced technologies, both in the production and in the communication areas.






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