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The entire world is facing a new health challenge of an unprecedented scale.
Our thoughts are drifted to the people who try to save others, doctors and nurses in the hospitals and scientists who work hard to develop medicine and vaccines to fight the new virus.
We have always been and we continue being optimistic, we strongly believe life will soon come back to normal again.
Vistosi, takes every precaution to protect its staff and visitors, complying with the instructions of the authorities.
We are here, committed in continuing to produce our finest quality products and providing the best possible service to our business partners. We are working on developing our new models in view of the coming Fairs, our new catalogue and on optimizing the stock levels of our products to meet our customers’ demands more efficiently.
This period will give us the chance to work on new projects and tools and to start again better than before.
We thank you for the trust you have placed in us over the years and that you continue to show us. Vistosi only exists in two places: here and where you are.Thanks to you, business never stopped, new projects, orders and enquiries continue coming.