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Design is served

Design is served

The Compasso d'Oro Award, during its 23rd edition, added a new category to the design products its commission judges: food. The first food-design creation to be awarded an Honorable mention was a pasta format, conceived by Mauro Olivieri, who's been working with Vistosi for years.

The pasta of the Honorable Mention

Since 1954, when Gio Ponti established it, the Compasso d'Oro has never awarded either Prizes or Mentions related to the field of food design. But among the 90 Honorable Mentions made on May 28th, 2014, there was the pasta Campotti, too, designed by Mauro Olivieri for the Pastificio dei Campi of Gragnano (near Naples).

More precisely, it's a durum wheat semolina pasta, available in 4 sizes, whose project focused on the relationship between shape and function. That is, this kind of bronze-drawn paccheri has an 8-shape and is tight in the middle for a reason: its diameter makes it easier for this pasta to better bind with the sauce. Therefore, a more tasty and practical format, since eating it is more simple.

The role of design in renewing Italian traditions

Talking about pasta means talking about Italy, and this is, indeed, one of the most exported products from Italy. This is therefore a symbol of a high quality tradition, just like the Murano glass Vistosi works with.

And, just like Vistosi, the Pastificio dei Campi decided to collaborate with designers to give products made in Italy new life, by adapting them to the latest demands of the market. Giuseppe di Martino, owner of the pasta factory, has indeed commented on the mention by saying that "The Campotti dei Campi prove that creativity and project techniques can renew a product which is part of the history of Italian diet, by improving the quality of the product in order to open up new markets".

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Mauro Olivieri | Compasso d'Oro | Vetreria Vistosi
Pasta Campotti | Compasso d'Oro | Vetreria Vistosi
Pasta Campotti | Mauro Olivieri | Compasso d'Oro | Vetreria Vistosi











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