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Mangiarotti Tokyo DDN special editorial

Mangiarotti Tokyo DDN special editorial

Angelo Mangiarotti - The Tectonics of Assembly - Tokyo DDN special editorial

The Italian Cultural Institute of Tokyo hosted, until the end of September, the exhibition ‘Angelo Mangiarotti - La
Tettonica dell’Assemblaggio’, an exhibition curated by Franz Graf and Francesca Albani, made for the first time in 2015 by the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture, University of Italian Switzerland. The exhibition celebrates the work and ideas of master Mangiarotti, Milanese designer, architect and sculpture who died in 2012, with the aim of highlighting his work through various themes such as bourgeois residence, workplaces or spaces exhibits, with a critical and speculative approach, aimed at finding an architectural language that draws its strength and uniqueness from the assembly tectonics. In Mangiarotti’s architectural research, we can see the same attention and approach towards objects of industrial production, searching for understated and elementary forms able to go beyond differences of scale, function and materials, with an ethical attitude respectful of human beings and their resources. In this regard, among the main sponsors of the exhibition, the historic Venetian glassworks Vistosi could not be missing, which owes the system of modular Giogali lamps to the master’s creative genius, composed of a single innovative hand-worked crystal element.