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Daan Roosegaarde: from nature to art, through technology

An eclectic designer, that's who Daan Roosegaarde is. How else could one possibly define an artist whose works range from fashion to architecture? He himself claims to be half a preacher, half an entrepreneur and a merchant, egged on by a need for "updating" our spoiled world.
Because there's no way his works can be considered as useless: Studio Roosegaarde's art, indeed, strives to create a relation between space and people. By choosing a path which, apparently, has little in common with nature: that of technology.

Art and technology united to renew the world

In his studio in Waddinxveen (Netherlands), indeed, designers and engineers work in close collaboration, thus developing utterly autonomous works, not hindered by the limits of microchips, LEDs and other technological tools on the market.
This has lead to a kind of lighting which is at the same time decorative, functional and bordering on science fiction. Just as Crystal, for example, a sort of pebble or, as Daan Roosegaarde himself puts it, a "Lego from Mars", which is made up of salt crystals, soaked in particular chemical and natural products. These Legos contain some LEDs which brighten after having been charged by the special floor on which they're set... and on which they can be moved, forming words and figures whose colour changes as visitors start interacting with them.

From high-tech to high-social, the last frontier of decorative lighting

Interaction is the keyword to understand the guidelines of this studio: interaction both between people and space, and among people. Studio Roosegaarde thus reaches its aim of turning the high-tech into high-social.
Meaningful examples are provided by Dune and Lotus. Dune has been defined as a "hybrid of nature and technology". It is a landscape of many fibers responding to motion and sounds of passing visitors by turning its lights on. The 60-meter long installation along the river Maas, in Rotterdam, gives light to people walking on its banks by employing less than 60 watt of energy, thus granting a large amount of energy-saving.
The works by the multi-award-winning artist Daan Roosegaarde therefore stand for the ultimate achievement of art, since they renew the environment they are placed in and help its protection, thanks to the latest tech products. But not at the expenses of beauty.


CRYSTAL Interactive crystals of light by Daan Roosegaarde from Studio Roosegaarde on Vimeo.


Dune by Roosegaarde - interactive landscape at the Maas river, Rotterdam (de Esch). from Studio Roosegaarde on Vimeo.


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