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Bulgari's Serpenti

Bulgari's Serpenti

The prestigious fashion accessories Italian firm Bulgari gets decorated for Christmas by means of a decorative lightning in its most representative international shops: New York, Tokyo and Rome.

It is an installation which shape is based on the iconic diamonds Serpenti necklace design, by the Italian firm, and it is composed of 80 panels in which 120,000 LED bulbs and 2,000 meters of luminous tubing with a warm light are intertwined, generating a dotted yet compact light.

The impressive 62 meters snake is arranged in a ribbon shape over the shops facades, not only in a catchy but also in a very effective functional way as advertising element. Its descending wedge shape brings attention over the shop windows and the main entrance. This shape also establish a clear limit between shop windows and the rest of the facades of the buildings. The snake´s head diagonal position points straight to the main entrance after passing over the tail on the corner.

Decorative lighting as a communication channel

Sometimes light shows objects. Other times shows concepts. Inside this second approach is where it seems to take place this powerful advertising proposal, making us remember the image of the snake slithering down the tree trunk, spirally twisting as it was descending in front of Eva, surprised and fascinated by its wet and shiny skin and possibilist discourse. The temptation that raised Eva appears now in the shape of decorative illumination, inviting to taste the pleasures that Bulgari offers. The Fruit is at your reach, why not tasting?



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