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The delicate beauty of Bubble

The delicate beauty of Bubble

The delicate beauty of Nika Zupanc's Bubble

Elegance maintained by a fresh lightness: this how the Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc's pieces look like, searching for new ways to escape the ordinariness. Nika Zupanc became famous thanks to a lamp she called Lolita, and from that moment on she has been personally fighting against stereotypes, getting her inspiration from classic writers like Virginia Woolf, thanks to whom she strips off her creations until reaching a pure shape, wrapped in a poetic and yet modern nostalgia. It is not a coincidence, then, that her creations are the flagships of companies of great renown such as Moooi, Moroso, Nodus and, from 2012, Vistosi too.

Bubble Lamps: delicacy and lightness in the same lamp

Producing her creations with Murano glass, Vistosi keeps alive a branch characterized by a continuous collaboration with the leading figures of international design. Since the 1960's and 70's these collaborations represent the meeting point between the most innovative design, like Zupanc's, and the secrets of the handcrafted tradition.

Zupanc contributed to this branch with her Bubble Lamps, which form part of the Summertime collection. A delicate beauty characterizes the pieces of furniture that surround them (chairs, a table and a mirror-blackboard). The Bubble Lamps are hand-blown with an old pink Murano glass, which gives them an almost ethereal lightness. They are supported by a black metal tube and a tapered pendant-holder, which make the glass seem to be coming out from the tube like a soap bubble. When she designed the lamps, Zupanc was inspired by the typical Venetian lampposts and their special and poetic way of lighting their surroundings, almost with a hint of malice. The pink colour, although it may seem to be almost invading the mise-en-scène of the Venice of Lord Byron's, is surrounded by a perfect shape that lightens in silence, as if it were keeping company to someone who is calmly waiting for the next vaporetto. Its beauty is uncommon and you immediately know it is there, even if you are somewhere else in the house.

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