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Bauta: the masked lamp

A lamp named after a mask, in honour of - clearly - Venetian tradition. Vistosi's Bauta dresses up glass with its diffuser, whose form is similar to that of the Volto, or Larva, the mask which is part of the costume belonging to Venetian customs. And not just to Carnival's tradition.

The history of the bauta mask

Vistosi's Bauta was, in fact, born during a period of silence from Venice Carnival, precisely in 1962. The centuries-old tradition of Carnival, indeed, had come to an end in 1797, due to the French and Austrian occupiers, who wanted to prevent riots in the city. Carnival was therefore blocked till 1979, when it was reborn.

The bauta mask isn't therefore connected only to Carnival: it is rather the most representative disguise for Venice: it was such an important part of everyday life that several painters depicted it, from Canaletto to Giandomenico Tiepolo, from Pietro Longhi to Francesco Guardi. All of them lived between the 17th and the 18th century, the golden age of bautas.

But what does Bauta have in common with this Venetian mask?

A glass chandelier fit for modern requirements

Its two colours, first of all: the transparent blown glass combine with a satin white diffuser made of blown glass. This brings about a similar contrast to that between black and white in the typical Venetian costume. Besides, the outline of its diffuser, whose acute angles recall the beak-shaped Volto.

The result isn't simply an elegant lamp, but rather an effective light fixture, which sheds light on a wide area by means of its diffuser, which is 55cm in diameter. Such efficiency has been recently further improved by adapting Bauta to modern lighting requirements:

- the new metal body has a single E27 lamp: this choice reduces proximity to the glass, thus the risk of overheat of the latter, as well, which, in the long run, may lead to a minor brilliance of the white glass;

- the lamp now follows current international norms more closely: this is why Bauta is provided with a label, indicating that it is compatible with any energy class of bulbs;

- its installation and maintenance have been simplified.

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