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The success of Balance: the synthesis of the Vistosi style

It is not a coincidence that the Euroluce 2013 visitors found the Balance series so attractive: together with Trepai, Novecento, Penta, Noon e Neochic it was acknowledged to be one of the best new products. So far this model metaphorically represents the synthesis of many of the main qualities of the Vistosi brand.

The true protagonist of an excellent glass blowing process

The first of these aspects is the presence of the white glass as the protagonist of the design: the metallic structure almost disappears and leaves a geometric yet harmonic form, the blowing of which needs a great mastery.

These few but essential characteristics allow to create a really versatile lamp: available in two sizes and in an halogen, CFL or LED version, it can be used as a ceiling or wall light or as a suspension lamp. But above all else, its essential lines match many different settings: from a minimalist to a more refined space, Balance can be proposed as a single lamp or as part of a group.

Planetary orbits and rhythmic structures are what inspired Balance

Balance was ideated by a couple of young designers from the Veneto area, who received a strong support from Vistosi. Pio and Tito Toso found the inspiration in the planetary orbits which gravitate around the sun, and they tried to reproduce the same movement through a balance between glass and light.

As the orbital trajectories result from a balance between different forces, Balance derives from a blow of glass which balances the light, just as a rhythmic structure balances music.



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