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Archiproducts Design Awards 2016

Archiproducts Design Awards 2016

An international judging panel composed by 25 of the most influential architectural studios from all over the world selected Futura, the lighting system designed for Vistosi by Hangar Design Group, as “Best of Lighting 2016” in the first edition of Archiproducts Design Awards. This recognition – coming a little more than a year after the presentation of Futura at Euroluce 2015 – determines the success of an idea, which stands for the philosophy of Vistosi: turning Murano glass craftsmanship into pure innovation by creating from a millenary art a product that looks to the future.

Futura: a modern lighting system inspired by ancient suggestions

Among the 490 products nominated by 250 brands with headquarters in 15 different countries only 5 were awarded the badge for the lighting category. Futura is one of them, a collection of blown glass hanging lamps that was born from the creativity of Hangar Design Group: a multidisciplinary design and communication firm crossing-over into the territory of graphics, industrial design, interior and web architecture and multimedia design, creating products that were awarded with several prizes (Eulda Award 2006, Neocon Innovation Award 2007, Red Dot Design Award 2009, Italy of Innovation Expo Shanghai 2010, Compasso d’Oro 2011).

Futura is a modern lighting system starting from an ancient wisdom and suggestions. From the tradition of ancient glass, and from a traditional form, which goes back to the suggestions of old lanterns, for centuries the only light sources in the night, but a tradition that was made objective, rational, clean. Vistosi’s style is all in the body of the lamp, the transparent and streamlined shape of the glass, which Hangar Design Group reinterpreted by cutting it with a sort of graphic, metal ring with a semi-raw effect: a gentle but clear-cut connection with the transparency of the glass, which was blown in one piece and made transparent in the upper part and diffuser in the bottom part by Vistosi’s handcraft process.

Whether in its three exclusive colours combined with different finishes of the metal ring, or single in its purity of expression or in a group of different-sized pendant lamps: in all of its versions, Futura is a lighting system that perfectly combines with a contemporary lifestyle. It can be a perfect protagonist of a living room, in the comfort and intimacy of a private home, but also of public spaces, whether they be small boutique hotel or luxury five-star resorts: wherever it is placed, Futura is not just a lighting system but a piece of furniture, which goes back to past inspirations while keeping a steady eye on the future.

ADA 2016: a new award that embraces the "Culture of Project"

After 15 years of constant survey of the best international production, fortified with 15 years of valuable collaboration with over 3,500 brands, and the enormous community of architects and designers Archiproducts launched Archiproducts Design Awards with the aim of recognising, rewarding and celebrating design excellence across a broad range of categories. These awards emphasize the “Culture of Project” and its relationship with the production in the world of Design and Architecture. ADA were created thanks to the companies that still dream about and believe in the value of a project, in order to spread the best of design around the world as a sign of innovation and progress.

For each category (Furniture, Bathroom, Kitchen, Outdoor, Office, Contract, Lighting, Wellness, Decor, Finishings, Building shell, Construction and Tech) 5 products were mentionedthat were awarded “Best of Category 2016”. Among these, 3 products were nominated as “Best of the Year 2016”, and the most voted product by the users worldwide was awarded a Web Prize.

This first edition involved more than 3,500 “Member of Archiproducts” brands and gained an international visibility over 46 MLN readers and 4.5 MLN professionalsbelonging to the Archiproducts and Archilovers Community.




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