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Padua | The encounter between design and research: in the name of solidarity, collaboration, progress. A Night with Hope is the fundraising initiative created to support medical research promoted by theCity of Hope Pediatric ResearchInstitute.

Edra, Cassina, Seletti, Driade, Pianca, Fontana Arte, The One Atelier, Bitossi, Matteo Pala Tappeti, Architect Michele De Lucchi, Vistosi: these are the companies that have decided to join the initiative, donating free of charge iconic design pieces that will be the subject of a 100% charity lottery, to offer the chance to win prestigious design objects for a small donation : the proceeds will be entirely donated to the financing of a paediatric oncology research project.

On the website dedicated to the initiative,,all the products up for grabs will be presented: starting from September, every month there will be a draw linked to a single prize. The draws will take place live on Instagram, in the presence of Anna Masello, creator of the project, and the participating companies.

For each of the prizes, 1500 tickets will be made available, at the price of 20 euros each, which will allow anyone to win a design icon, thanks to a small gesture of solidarity.

The City of Hope Foundation has been fighting against paediatric oncological diseases since 1994 and is the main funder of the Paediatric Research Institute (IRP). The latter, inaugurated in 2012, is a structure of over 17,500 square meters, of which 10,000 are dedicated exclusively to research activities in different sectors. Every year the Institute carries out 10 research projects, selected by an International Scientific Committee through the IRP Scientific Direction Call.

A Night with Hope will finance, from 2021 to 2023, just one of these projects: led by Dr. Lara Mussolin,it will be oriented to block the sustenance of type B cancer cells when the tumor reapcurs in the child after an initial recovery.

The prizes to be won

They chose to participate in A Night With Hope, with the donation of iconic pieces of theirproduction, famous companies and designers. Up for grabs are the delicate shapes of Edra's Getsuen armchair, designed byMasanori Umeda, or the iconic LC3,designed by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand for Cassina. There will be the Calatea chair of Pianca,designed by CristinaCelestino and inspired by the leaf of the homonymous plant. There will be the Wonder Lamp lamps by Ugo Balmoral for Seletti, Alega by Vico Magistretti for Vistosi, Fontana Grande by Max Ingrand for Fontana Arte. Then there is the participation in the project of the architect Michele de Lucchi,who donated his Etching Mountain 5, completed by a poetic text of the architect. Also up for grabs is Nemo by Fabio Novembre for Driade, Sabrina by Fendi Casa,donated by The One Atelier, Clay by Formafantasma for Bitossi,the Works of MM Company (Manuel Barbieri &Marco Magalini) for Matteo Pala Tappeti.

The research project of the IRP Città della Speranza

Paediatric B-cell lymphomas are highly aggressive tumors: children and adolescents suffering from these diseases are successfully treated with systemic chemotherapy, but their probability of survival remains low after a possible recurrence. The development of new treatment strategies is necessary: the goal is to find ways to prevent cancer cells from obtaining the sustenance necessary for their growth. Through innovative technologies to detect differences between individual cancer cells or bioinformatics tools to design a new inhibitor against TRAP1, a protein that controls the metabolism of cancer cells, but not of healthy cells, thePediatric Research Institute will conduct a multidisciplinary study with the main objective of identifying new therapeutic approaches for aggressive pediatric B-cell lymphomas.


A Night with Hope is a fundraising project created to support specific research projects promoted by the City of Hope Pediatric Research Institute.

The project combines the passion for design and art in all its forms, the idea of being able to make them democratically available to anyone, giving the opportunity to win wonderful design and art awards through a small donation that is transferred 100% to the selected Charity project.


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