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In this area, you will find and download the useful tools that Vistosi puts at your disposal.

Click on the catalogues link to browse the pdf version of the 14.15 Vistosi collections (Ono Luce and Utopia), which can also be downloaded in the same format.
From Assembly instructions and 2D/3D you will enter a page that is full of technical resources. Each selected item includes the available versions and the electrical specifications. Moreover, it is possible to request the 2D (.dwg format) or 3D (IGES, EASM format) technical drawings and the assembling instructions. On the same page it is also possible to view the corresponding details of the MyVistosi portal, which include the technical features of each lamp (finish, assembling, glass, colour, etc.), and the chance of including it in the wish list.
Click on Product Search to access the MyVistosi shop, where you will find, with a quick and easy search through the categories, all the items you want and add them directly to the wish list.