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Gregorio Spini

Gregorio Spini

Gregorio Spini is an experimental researcher. Born in Milan, he approached design from a multi-faceted background, having worked in theatre, music, writing and art.

Kundalini Foundation and free lance activity

In 1996 he founded the company Kundalini, a unique example in the lighting sector of a company that achieved a worldwide commercial and critical success, which led to collaborations with some of the leading designers and architects of our time. Author of all historical products of Kundalini, signed kundalinidesign, he is the initiator and theoretician of the brand Extra-Sensorial Design.

In 2008 he left his company to work as a freelance designer, a design consultant and a strategic brand adviser. Recently he's been sharing with the company Vistosi a research activity in the field of glass design, something that has been interesting him in the last few years.