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What's new and coming with Vistosi's catalogue

What's new and coming with Vistosi's catalogue

What's new and coming with Vistosi's catalogue

Our new catalogue has already come out: here's what's new in it. Just in case you missed some of it before...

New lamp designs: Spirit

In crafting Spirit, designed by Marco Acerbis, the blown glass manufacturers have, once again, outdone themselves. They've managed to turn a glass pipe into a drop which, when placed in its mould, gets its distinctive spiral.

And the new glass blend used in the production of this lamp, as well as others, magnifies its transparency.

A new crystal blend

Our innovative glass blend is indeed brighter, but more durable and pliable, as well. After a research phase that lasted longer than two years, in 2013 Vistosi's labs have finally achieved a transparent glass, though lead-free: you can see the results of these efforts in Diamante and Ecos, too.

At the same time, the environmental conditions of the lamps' production processes have improved, too. And this very concern for environmental issues has urged us to renew chandeliers and lamps to make them suitable for the latest light bulbs. In particular, for LED lighting.

Vistosi's LED lamps

The first ones were exhibited at the Light+Building fair, last April, in Frankfurt: Aliki, Bianca and Sogno were the forerunners of a new LED version for many products, on which our Studio Tecnico is constantly working, so that you can install LED bulbs on our lamps. And to make the most of both the quality of glass and of the lamp's colour rendering and energy efficiency.

Renewed classical lamp designs

San Giorgio, San Marco, Rialto, Accademia and many others: the names themselves betray these lamps' connection to Venetian traditions, of which their aspect is a reminder, too. But, as well as a new glass blend, these lamps are characterised by new finishings, though coming from the past. These decorations are called diamantato, fraco, costolato and with glass threads. Thanks to these finishings, our classical lamps can suit an even wider range of settings.

An easier product search

Our efforts to improve our products continue unabated have made your searches on our portal simpler. Thanks to the PP code, which we have introduced to group the lamps available both as ceiling and as wall lamps in the same category, now you can immediately know whether the lamp you're looking at is available in both versions, i.e. both as a ceiling and as a wall lamp.

Still having doubts? Well, our new catalogue will soon be available for you in its printed version to clear your head! In the meantime, you can already read it and download it here.

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