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Introducing the new on demand spec sheets

Introducing the new on demand spec sheets

Introducing the new on demand spec sheets available through the shop and the wishlist

Spec sheets give customers the opportunity to get an overview of their personal specifications on the lamp they've been searching for with just one click, by simply downloading a PDF file. These spec sheets are auto-generated by a software that creates a PDF file containing all the chosen specifications on model, colour, finishes and cabling, i.e. the spec sheet of a single, univocal and detailed code. You will thus quickly find all the necessary details to place our products in your furnishing projects in the download area of Vistosi's website and on its search portal. The answers you're looking for will be all in one easy-to-read and intuitive spec sheet.

Why do we think this service is extremely useful to users?

In order to provide people working in the lighting field, experts, our site's and portal's users and customers with a website which is an easy-to-use tool, Vistosi is currently working on the the datasheets of each lamp. In the meantime, those who need our spec sheets can ask our Studio Tecnico for them via e-mail: you will receive your customized spec sheet within ten business days.

During the launch phase of this new service, we will use your requests to put the spec sheets of each product and of its various layouts online. In this way, a spec sheet requested by a single customer will then be available online for future customers, as well.

Don't miss this opportunity: with your requests and by the end of the year, the spec sheets of all our products will all be available online and for free download. Besides, this service has been praised in its initial stages already: this is why we think that the project bids fair to be a success, since we received 10 requests for spec sheets during the first month after its launch. Don't wait any longer, request your own spec sheet!

All the necessary information in one profile

The information on the spec sheets will include:

A. information about the designer;

B. a description of the collection;

C. the dimensions and weight of the product;

D. the 3D image that can be rotated in order to see the product from every angle;

E. weight and volume;

F. the chosen finishes for the model;

G. information regarding the bulbs that can be used with the lamp.

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