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In a Sole24Ore supplement all the secrets behind Vistosi’s

In a Sole24Ore supplement all the secrets behind Vistosi’s

In a Sole24Ore supplement all the secrets behind Vistosi’s

On September 8th the review section Eventi Speciali (“Special Events”) of the Gruppo24ORE (“24Ore Group”, an Italian publishing organisation) dedicated ample space to Vetreria Vistosi. The magazine, sold at the newsstands of North-Eastern Italy as a supplement to the newspaper Il Sole24Ore, focuses on local news, important case histories and special reports on a single theme, in order to examine a territory and its most relevant economic sectors. A chance to read news, analyses and opportunities about North-Eastern Italy you can find at the newsstands of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto.

Besides wishing you to get a chance to read it in its printed version, here you are some highlights from the interview with Matteo Moretti.

“Vistosi has succeeded in making itself a reputation in the field of furnishing and interior decorating, by following the taste for architecture and design between the 20th and 21st century. After the significant collaborations with some big names during the Sixties, our company has developed modular systems aimed at making installations more and more custom: Giogali, Diadema and Ecos.

Patience favours production

Vistosi means inventiveness, innovation, design, emotions, as well as a great, great deal of expertise. In our glass factory, to begin with. Vistosi’s blown glass blend comes to light here: its features are distinctive, because its durability and brightness over time are guaranteed, but it remains a handicraft product, nevertheless.

The glass factory is the beating heart of the art of glassblowing, guarded by masters who are always ready to take up the challenge of realising the always new lines and textures drawn by designers.

Though somehow in the shadow of the more enchanting artistic glassblowing, the grindery is another crucial detail in crafting Vistosi’s perfection. In Vistosi’s grindery, each process involving pieces of blown glass is carefully seen to: drilling, polishing and finishing.

Vistosi’s Studio Tecnico: customized answers and exclusive patents

Some years ago, Vistosi joined an internal technical division, where metal frames are made, to the furnace. The presence of this division as one of the company’s assets provides us with many chances to test and realise custom-made structures as, for example, Giogali’s massive pendant versions. These creative possibilities have increased the number of our relationships with project studios and strengthened them, since now they do not request only a custom product, but rather the realisation of all of its details and parts.

In order to protect its intellectual property and its industrial and productive processes, Vistosi has been registering its brands in Italy, Europe and the whole world and patenting its leading products. On, we are proud that Vistosi has been one of the first companies in this field to get a certificate of originality for Giogali and Giogali3D.

What the company is looking to: LED and colour

After investing on crystal, the challenge we’re currently facing is to renew the world of glass colours, and maybe we’ll get to colours nobody has ever seen before.

In the meantime, the company’s harvesting the fruits of another major and successful labour, namely the production of large-sized lamps.

One of the paths we’ve been following for a long time and that has finally led to positive outcomes in 2014 is the use of LED on Vistosi’s lamps. In order to apply this technology, we haven’t given way to hurry. We’ve rather tested it until we’ve reached the best solution possible: our aim was to have a LED lighting similar to the traditional one. It had to illuminate things well: since LED is a point light source, we risked creating shadows on glass. Besides, we needed a LED module which could perfectly suit the majority of our products, which are extremely different from one another.

In 2014 we have thus reached all the goals we had fixed, so now we can offer our customers 80% of our products in the LED version, too”.

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Sole24Ore | Vetreia Vistosi
Sole24Ore | Vetreia Vistosi
Sole24Ore | Vetreia Vistosi





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