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New Vistosi website

Introducing the new Vistosi website

Since April Vistosi's new website is online, wholly renewed and designed for a more modern and enjoable user experience. Starting from contents: by integrating photos and videos it offers a complete interactive experience, but it is also more informative, in a more direct way.

And all of it follows a more functional organisation: projects and posts in the magazine have been divided into categories, so that you can easily find what you are looking for. The website's layout is responsive: it adapts itself to any device, from PCs to smartphones.

You will therefore be able to keep up with our latest news wherever you are: brand-new models and collections, first-rate collaborations, highlighted projects, fairs and events.

Some of its main functions and where to find them:

1. the Download Area in the upper navigation bar provides you with many important resources, among which:

2. at the bottom of the Home Page, there are links to the following services:

  • product search: it opens up the search panel 'WishList', where you can look for your favourite Vistosi product by selecting various parameters (collections, families, types, etc., as well as glass and frame finishing), and then save your result to your wishlist, which can be shared with and sent to other users;
  • connection to social media: our dynamic and updated channels, with all the information, news and inspiration related to Vistosi's world, as well as that of furniture, design and research on materials;
  • language selection: Vistosi's website can now speak Russian, too. Besides Italian, for the internal market, and English, for the international one, it offers a window specifically planned for Vistosi's many clients and fans.




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