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Shine a light... and save money

Shine a light... and save money

Shine a light... and save money

Let's start with some numbers: traditional incandescent bulbs waste 90% of the energy they produce as heat. But simply replacing the bulbs of the most frequently used light fixtures - those of the kitchen, living room, bathroom and outdoor lighting - makes you save around 20% a year on lighting. So now resist the impulse to check your electricity bill, because we will reveal you how to save money ecologically.

The seven commandments of energy saving

In order to start saving on lighting, you'll just need to follow these simple advices:

  1. use natural light as much as possible: besides giving your purse some brief respite, you'll be doing your immune system a favour;
  2. turn off the light when you leave a room: that's pretty obvious, isn't it? Just ask yourself how many times you've said: "I must let it on, because I'm coming back in a minute", and then that minute never came;
  3. it wouldn't be a bad idea to dust bulbs and fixtures every now and then: dust can reduce a light flow, too;
  4. a task lighting could be extremely effective on desks and in studies, i.e. in the rooms where one most frequently reads and writes: for example, a table lamp could integrate with the general light source;
  5. placing table and floor lamps in corners increases the light flow, as well as choosing light colours and reflecting materials for walls, ceiling and floor: this makes light reflect on the walls, or on the floor, if it is covered by linoleum or polished wood;
  6. try not to live as bats: don't worry, you're not vampires, you won't evaporate in the sun; programmable switches are therefore very useful, because they can automatically turn off the light (and any other electric device, TV included) at a given hour, thus preventing you from leading a nightlife;
  7. finally, start taking energy-saving bulbs into consideration, which last up to 3 times longer than traditional ones and save around 20% of the energy. And CFL and LED bulbs last even longer, respectively up to 10 and 25 years, and reach a peak of 70% in energy savings.

Simple but effective solutions, then, helping both families saving money on energy and the environment. Which, just like your purse, will breath a sigh of relief.

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