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Hanging by 49 threads

Hanging by 49 threads

Hanging by 49 threads

Cables are the skeleton of our pendant lamps, the frame that holds them. Without them, our lamps couldn't reach houses, offices and stores. But they, too, have their own aesthetics. We're about to unveil the characteristics of our cables and their importance.

The advantages of 49-threads cables for pendant lamps

Our pendant lamps hang from steel cables whose properties are resistance, elasticity and refinement. Let's take a closer look at the details of these features:

- the steel cables are made up of 49 threads: this number makes them extremely resistant and, therefore, able to hold heavy lamps, as well; you might as well think of them as unbreakable;

- an additional advantage is represented by their arrangement: their honeycomb pattern is the key to their elasticity;

- though they are made up by a rather large amount of threads, these cables are nevertheless extremely thin and, as a consequence, fine.

The importance of cables

Elasticity is the property of solid bodies to return to their original shape when the stress that has deformed them ends. This means that this cable, even after being twisted and turned in several different ways, can always get back to a perfect straightness. This is possible thanks to the weight of lamps, which causes the cable to tense and thus straightens it.

You might be wondering whether this is important at all. Of course it is: a cable risks being warped simply while being transported and when the lamp is assembled. Should it keep these twists and deformations, the lamp would lose some of its aesthetic value, especially if the lamp's cable is exposed.

It's a more expensive material, as you can well imagine, but in the end it turns out to be a positive investment, since you won't have to replace the cable because it has twisted.

This is the outcome of a work that keeps an eye on functionality and safety and the other on elegance. These cables thus stand for the keynotes of the Studio Tecnico and of the whole company: refinement, functionality and the highest efficiency possible of materials. From glass to cables.

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