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Labels for the energy classification of Vistosi’s products

Labels for the energy classification of Vistosi’s products

Labels for the energy classification of Vistosi’s products available online

From March 1st, 2014 lighting devices must have a label indicating its energy classification, as required by the European Union. On each model shown at exhibits and show-rooms a label must therefore be present containing information on its energy class. But what does the legislation actually say?

Energy efficiency classes for lighting fixtures

Up to now, the European Union had only set energy efficiency classes for electrical appliances. But the various bulbs on the market have a different kWh consumption, as well: this is the reason why 7 energy classes have been established precisely to divide bulbs according to their energy consumption.

A++, A+, A, B, C, D and F: these are the classes for bulbs, reported on the label accompanying the exhibited products. Each lamp and chandelier is now compelled to tell which classes of bulbs it is compatible with.

In compliance with Community provisions, Vistosi has filled out the energy labels for each model of all its collections, thus making them available online for download to wholesalers and retailers, one of the possible options offered by UE's relative regulation.

A single label available online

The labels for energy classification can be downloaded from the Wishlist of Vistosi's website or from Vistosi's portal My Vistosi. Getting them is very simple:

- open the Wishlist or sign in on My Vistosi and select a product;

- in the lower part of the page you will find the icon for energy classes: by clicking on it, you will start the downloading process;

- select a language in the form which will open up in front of you and which will give you the chance of picking out from Italian, English, French, German and Spanish;

- click on the Download button and you will be allowed to either save or print a PDF file containing 6 labels reporting the energy class of your product;

- moreover, the same procedure can be followed by clicking on the link of the order and order confirmation notification e-mail.


You will therefore have at your disposal a document specifying which bulb's energy classes a lamp or chandelier is compatible with and if it is supplied with, or suitable for, LED bulbs. And you will therefore know how much your light fixtures consume.


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