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Our choice to support quality

Our choice to support quality

Our choice to support quality: the protection of intellectual property

What lies behind a brand? Often there is a story characterised by experience, research, uniqueness, know-how, innovation human and artistic skills. Bright ideas are like seeds which need to be planted in the correct ground, nurtured with knowledge, experience and dedication. But these plants, once grown, must be protected from storms and the gardens hidden from strangers' eyes, because decades of work turn into small and big secrets that determine the strength and the exclusivity of a brand, of a family, of something special.

Patents, deposited models and registered brands

ENEC mark | Vetreria VistosiIn order to protect its intellectual property and its production and industrial processes, Vistosi decided several years ago to register its brands in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world, to deposit at the Italian and European Patent Office its key models, and to patent several inventions and technical solutions. Among these initiatives we are proud to have been the first of our sector to receive an European award for the originality of Giogali and Giogali 3D. These results are achieved also thanks to the advice of the experts from Studio Torta, which in 2013 have been awarded as best Italian advisors on intellectual property by the prestigious magazine 'Managing Intellectual Property' (award they also received in 2007, 2008 and 2011).

The new ultra-bright crystal

Vistosi has always – with an exponential growth in recent years – invested on the research on new techniques for the processing of glass, on the optimisation of newIntertek mark | Vetreria Vistosi chemical brands, machines and robots in order for the products to be perfectly finished, of furnaces for the melting and cooling of blown glass. The last exceptional success achieved thanks to these investments is the new glass with higher transparency and bright, similar to crystal, but obtained without the use of lead.

The outcome: firsthand quality

To patent a model, a processing technique, a brand, guarantees clients that they purchase a quality and original item. This can be said of Giogali, whose registered brand guarantees the authenticity of a product which has countless imitation attempts.

The several Italian standards (IMQ), European standards (CE), the ENEC and ETL labelling, the company certifications according to the ISO standards, etc., guarantee users that the design, supply and production processes (which include the arrivals check, the cabling, the packaging and the shipping) are managed and carried out properly, as well as the commercial part, through the MyVistosi portal, which goes from the correct placement of the order with a photo guide to the check of the delivery times, the post sale customer support and much more.

Giogali US Patent | Vetreria VistosiAll these aspects, therefore, contribute to determine the quality of a product and of a purchase. In this case 'quality' is not an empty and meaningless word, but a proven and real characteristic.






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