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As virtuous as steel

As virtuous as steel

As virtuous as steel: introducing our new glass blend

To put tradition and experience at the core of a company's success is not enough. The Vistosi brand is based on a 5 century old tradition in the glass field, made of significant turning points and great intuitions; nevertheless, in order to keep the same high and vital profile it is of paramount importance to keep another aspect in mind: innovation.

The advantages of a lead free blend

In the glass sector, to innovate ancient and delicate techniques such as the blowing of glass needs long processes and endless research, which not always lead to lasting results. For this reason we are very proud of having achieved and produced a new crystal blend which presents clear advantages, not only aesthetical but also technological and ecological: the lead free blown crystal glass.

A brighter glass which is always young

As far as performance is concerned the difference is immediately visible: the new blend, which no longer includes the lead oxide, an ingredient formerly used to achieve a bright glass, enhances the crystal's transparency and can be seen with the naked eye.

Together with this enhanced effect, the elimination of lead allows to significantly reduce the oxidizing processes: the result is a glass which possesses the qualities of stainless steel in terms of durability and maintenance of the original characteristics.

Better manufacturing procedures, less risks for the workers

More than two years have been necessary for our labs to achieve this performance, with a non-stop work of research, trials and fusions made at night; the investment of time, energy and resources has been huge.

The aim of the research on the new blend was that of finding an alternative to a component, lead, which on the one hand guaranteed a bright material, but on the other presented many difficulties: a low malleability, a quick solidification, an influence on the glass' colour.

The new crystal blend achieved by Vistosi, based on much more refined ingredients and with a lower sodium presence, also implies an indirect positive aspect which is considered of utmost importance by the company: the improvement of the environmental conditions of the production processes thanks to the elimination of lead.

Once adjusted the production processes, the new blend started to be used for all our product ranges. Giogali, Diadema, Diamante and Damasco are the lamps in which the new crystal achieves the most astonishing results.

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