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Vistosi inaugurates the Designstart project on Ada Channel

Vistosi inaugurates the Designstart project on Ada Channel

The first programme of the Designstart series, on Adachannel, presents the interview with Matteo Moretti.

ADA Channel, the news channel focused on the latest trends about home and design, inaugurated a programme called Designstart, hosted by Giorgio Tartaro, who was recently in charge of another successful programme, Archistart. In this new programme Giorgio Tartaro
Interviews some Italian and international key figures of the design world – representing the product, contract and interior design fields – with the aim of discovering and restoring important business traditions, but also of showing how some successful business activities have been developed.

The dialogue between glass-makers and designers leads to modernity

The programme focused on Vistosi shows how the company has been able to mix cutting-edge technologies and the respect for traditions, always focusing on simple designs. The result is a catalogue made of high quality products.
Matteo Moretti, Vistosi's CEO, had the honour to be the protagonist of the first programme of the Designstart series. With a five century tradition behind him, Matteo has been a pioneer: with the aim of truly modernizing the company, he started a collaboration with designers and architects who engaged in the art of glass-making.
An apparently indomitable material like glass, so beautiful and complex, adjusts to suit the needs of modernity thanks to the collaboration between master glass-makers and designers.

A video tells the story of each lamp

The story that lies behind each lamp deserves to be told. This is why Ada Channel and Giorgio Tartaro are already working on a new project: a monograph dedicated to Vistosi, which also in this case will inaugurate a series focused on high quality design.
In the meantime, while you wait for the cameras of Ada Channel to turn on again on Vistosi, you can check out our Youtube channel, where the designers that collaborate with us tell what inspired the creation of their projects.